A New Way To Keep Morale High….Literally!


(PCM) A Seattle woman, who has been nicknamed “The Weed Fairy”, has been going around the city of Seattle leaving tiny bags of marijuana taped to printed signs for anyone who chooses to pick them up.

The latest place that she has been dropping off fliers is around Capitol Hill in Seattle. The fliers feature a positive message along with the bag of pot and her Twitter handle which is #THEGARDENBREATH.

The woman told the news agency is Seattle that she is visiting the area from California, but is doing her best to help people feel “a little more relaxed” during her brief visit.

The woman first started posting up the bags of pot around the time of the government shut-down to attempt to lift people spirits. She has also placed her pot postings around New York City a few months ago and was met with incredibly positive responses via Twitter and social media.

Now that marijuana is legal is Washington State, the woman has little fear of being arrested and Seattle area police are not looking to arrest the woman, but do have some concern about people under the age of 21 getting their hands on the pot freebies.