Niagara Falls Unveils A Creepy New Mascot


(PCM) We will never understand who in the world possible thought this was a good idea!  The Niagara Falls  Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Team in Buffalo, New York has unveiled their new mascot and it is an incredibly creepy looking goat-human hybrid creature named “Totes McGoats”.  Well, at least they timed it fairly close to Halloween because we may have just seen this mascot in our latest nightmare.

The team introduced the Totes McGoats mascot to help urge children and parents to get involved with the company’s recycling initiative, but we think he might just have people running and screaming in the opposite direction. Totes McGoats will visit the area’s schools to help promote the city’s year-old recycling program.

Even the mayor of Niagara Falls himself admitted that Totes is a bit scary, although he was meant to be cute. We think they might have to go back to the drawing board on that one!  The mayor went on to say that they chose an animal mascot because they seem to relate the best with children. The company only had a budget of $100, and spent $60 on the mask. McGoat is a reference to Goat Island, and goats eat everything, so it made for a good recycling mascot.

Of course once he has been revealed, Totes McGoats is already become a viral sensation online and the company is overjoyed by the reaction despite the fact that Totes is becoming the butt of many jokes, at least he has people talking about recycling.