Online Photo Debate: Is She Underwater Or Just Jumping In?


(PCM) We can all recall the infamous online debate about #TheDress!  Was it blue and black or white and gold? Currently, there is yet another photo debate taking place online about whether or not the image of a young girl in the pool features her under the water or just jumping in.

The photo was posted on the photo sharing site Imgur and then shared on Reddit where the debate began! The photo now has millions of views and tons of comments with individuals sharing their opinions as to what the photo actually portrays.

Because of the photos blue water background and the bubbles that appear around the child’s face, it makes it appear that she is underwater, however if you look closely, you can see that her hair appears to be dry leading to the conclusion that she may have been just jumping into the water when the photo as taken.

What do you think? Underwater or jumping in?  Let us know in the comments below!