Oscar Mayer Launches A Dating App For Bacon Lovers


(PCM) Who doesn’t love bacon? ¬†Oscar Mayer has come up with the perfect solution for all the single bacon lovers out there with the release of their new dating app called “Sizzl” that promises to help you find your bacon loving soulmate!

The “Sizzl” dating app promises to match users together based upon their mutual tastes in bacon. Once downloaded users fill out a bacon questionnaire where they are asked various bacon preferences such as pork or turkey bacon or if they enjoy it crispy or chewy. ¬†They are then matched with users whose profiles most closely match their own.

The app is closely based on Tinder, but in addition to the ability for users to swipe left or swipe right, users can also show the intensity of their attraction by holding down the “Sizzl” button for a certain amount of time as a way to “heat” things up!

And don’t forget that after meeting your hot date from the “Sizzl” app, you can “Wake Up And Smell The Bacon” with Oscar Mayer’s bacon alarm clock app that awakens users with the sounds of bacon sizzling on the pan.