Over $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen In Minnesota


(PCM) We are not real sure why anyone would want to steal frozen canisters of bull semen, but apparently there is a market for it somewhere. Police in Minnesota are currently investigating the recent theft of over $70,000 worth of bull semen from a rural dairy farm.

Police say the farm owner told them that the semen was frozen in a canister, almost like a milk jug and inside that canister were vials of bull semen worth anywhere from $300 to $1,500 each. In fact the canister itself was worth about $500. Unfortunately the famer’s barn was accidentally left unlocked at the time of the crime.

If you were wondering just why someone would want to steal all of that bull semen, it seems that there is a pretty big market for it in the dairy farm industry. People can bid on or purchase the bull semen and use to to inseminate their cows artificially. It cuts down on animal transport costs for mating. It is worth pretty good money, however this may just be the first case we have come across where this much at a time has been stolen.

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