Owl Terrorizes A Quiet Florida Neighborhood


(PCM) Under normal circumstances, an owl is a fairly calm animalĀ and they are certainly not known for their random attacks on humans. Well, it appears that one particular owl who resides in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has taken it upon itself to go a little reign of terror and has been attacking residents in the neighborhood for the past two weeks.

The owl has been on the attack and causing some injuries to residents that even required several trips to the emergency room. One resident claims that, unprovoked, the owl came swooping down and its’ talons were felt grabbing the back of his head and then pull away.

Another child was attacked, when reports came in that an 8-year old girl had the own again swoop down and hit the inside of her eye and her forehead. She was taken to the emergency room following the attack and later released.

Thus far the owl has attacked a total of five children and one adult and residents are now sending their children outside with umbrellas and helmets on to protect their heads from attack. Another resident is even claiming that he is now wearing a cardboard box over his head to take out the garbage each night.

We can’t even begin to picture how ridiculous that must look, but we suppose it is better to be safe than sorry. A spokesperson for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Agency says that they are aware of the recent owl attacks and are in the process of finding someone within a falconry group to come and catch the bird.