Pajama Clad Nine Year Old Steals A City Bus


(PCM) An incident recently occurred in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada where a nine year old boy, clad only in his pajamas decided to steal a city bus and take it for a spin around the block.

Thankfully no one was injured during the child’s little joyride and the bus only ended up suffering a cracked windshield and a broken mirror. The bus, which was empty at the time, was left idling in the transit yard.

The boy took it upon himself to hop inside the bus and proceed to drive it around the block a few times before ultimately crashing into a curb, side-swiping another bus, clipping a stop sign and then becoming stuck.

A bystander happened to be watching the incident unfold and rushed over to help the boy, who was still trying to slam on the gas pedal as the bus was stuck. The man claims he had to pry open the bus doors and then when the boy got off the bus he grabbed him because he did not want him to run away.

The boy was picked up by the police and then returned home to his parents. He will not face any criminal charges due to age.