Parakeet Is Stolen From A Canadian Zoo For The Second Time In Five Years


(PCM) Someone must really want their hands on this particular parakeet, as the poor little guy has been stolen, not once, but twice from the Canadian zoo Perroquets en folie in Montreal. The parakeet named Paco, is an  Alexandrine parakeet, which when bred can sell for upwards of $800 to $1200 dollars.

The zoo has placed a message on Facebook urging anyone with information about Paco’s whereabouts to please step forward, as they would like to see him safely returned. The zoo also released surveillance footage of the man who allegedly bird-napped Paco the parakeet. The zoo stated that the suspect had 24 hours to return the bird before they would be contacting the authorities as they have clear images of his face.

When reviewing the surveillance footage, a family can be seen asking questions about Paco, while at the same time the man can be seen sneaking into his cage and taking him out. The zoo owner feels that the family may have been in on the plan and created a distraction so the man could get in and steal Paco. The zoo feels they probably stole him for breeding purposes.

The zoo owner goes on to say that Paco has a very sociable personality and that is what made him a target for theft five years earlier. The suspect did not get away with the bird that time, as a passerby heard him squeak and contacted the authorities. Parakeets are very sensitive creatures and can become distraught by a sudden change in environment.

We certainly hope that Paco the parakeet will be returned to his home very soon!