Park Closes Due To An Abundance Of Bear Selfies


(PCM) Parks in both Colorado and Alaska were forced to close because visitors will not stop taking selfies with the wildlife, specifically the bears in the region. Park officials are afraid that if the dangerous behavior from visitors doesn’t stop then someone could end up very seriously injured or even dead.

Officials have witnessed several visitors using selfie sticks and attempting to get as close to the bears as possible. So far, no injuries have been reported, however one visitor was chased by one of the bears. There are more bears in the region this year due to localized food failure in their normal habitats.

While there may have been no bear attacks at these particular parks, other people have been injured while trying to capture that epic wildlife selfie. A California man was struck by a rattlesnake after snapping a selfie with the creature and a Mississippi woman was injured after snapping a selfie with a bison at Yellowstone National Park.

Selfies with wild animals = not a good idea!