Pastor Admits Affair To Congregation And Then Drops Dead

Pastor-Davis1(PCM) Connecticut pastor Bobby Davis recently made a confession of an adulterous affair in front of his entire congregation and then proceeded to immediately drop dead after spilling the beans.

The entire ordeal was incredibly shocking and certainly a little bit creepy, as the parishioners were left with the idea that Davis’s confession was met with some incredibly quick and divine retribution from the man upstairs.

72 year old Davis was the founder of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport and has served as pastor of the church since 1967.

Parishioners say that after the normal Sunday service Pastor Davis asked that the members of the congregation stay behind and he then confessed to the affair that happened a long time ago. He wished to come clean to the congregation and requested their forgiveness.

Sources on-site claim that only minutes after the confession the pastor dropped to his knees, while the congregation were shouting “We love you, we forgive you” and it appears that they may have suffered a heart attack as a result from the stress of the situation.

The Official State Medical Examiner has yet to rule on an official cause of death and certain circumstances surrounding the pastor’s death are still currently being investigated, as well as a video taken by a member of the church congregation that shows the entire incident as it occurred.

Another source from inside the church paints a slightly different picture of the incident claiming that Davis’s wife forced him to confess the adultery to the congregation. They claim that the family both verbally and physically coerced Davis to come forward with the confession.

The source claims you could hear Davis’s wife screaming at him to confess or else she would tell the congregation herself and that one of the pastor’s sons hit his father while his daughter poured a glass of water over his head.

Davis had been married to his wife Christine for 50 years and the couple have six children and eight grandchildren. What do you think? Divine intervention or foul play?