Pastor Visits A Mall To Tell Children Santa Isn’t Real! Trip Doesn’t End Well!

(PCM) A Texas Evangelical pastor by the name of David Grisham made it his personal mission to ruin the Christmas spirit for a bunch of children who were waiting anxiously in line to visit Santa Claus at a mall in Amarillo, Texas. 

Acting as a true Grinch, Grisham filmed himself taking a trip to the mall and going up to where the children and their parents were waiting to see Santa and then yelling at them all about how “Santa isn’t real!” You can only begin to imagine just how well this went over with parents who became outraged over Grishams’ behavior. 

Grisham posted the video, which has since been removed, to his Facebook page where he is seen saying “I’m at the mall in Amarillo Texas, and I’m going to tell the children the truth – that there is no Santa Clause. Christmas is about Jesus Christ – and that Jesus died on the cross to pay for their sins. So here we go, I’m going to tell, them the truth.”

Grisham approaches the line for Santa Claus and proceeds to tell the children that their parents are “lying to them” and the man in the suit they are about to go see is not real and is just an actor and Santa “doesn’t exist”.  Just awful! 

The parents immediately attempted to put a stop to Grisham’s rant and while the initial Facebook video which was viewed over 3 million times has been taken down, someone did save a copy which can be seen below: