Peeping Tom Or Model Citizen? Man Fed Up With People “Getting Busy” By His Home, So He Films Them!


(PCM) A California resident, known only as Marty, has become so fed up with people parking for sex and/or heavy make-out sessions at the park next to his home that he decided to take matters into his own hands and film them doing the deed.

Marty had a slew of surveillance camera installed on a light pole near the park and claims that he has now caught at least 50 sex acts on tape, as well as, other illicit activities such as teenage drinking, pot smoking and more. Marty monitors the cameras using CCTV and whenever he spots something he either offers it up to the police for evidence against the individual or posts in on YouTube as a form of both blackmail, embarrassment and retaliation.

You can imagine that Marty is certainly making quite a few enemies, as many people feel that Marty’s cameras are an invasion of privacy and he is nothing more than a “peeping Tom” for watching the footage. The area police, however, have no issues with Marty’s detective work, as they have been able to use it to prosecute in several cases, and who doesn’t love free work?

Marty defends himself against claims that he is any type of pervert or peeping Tom, saying “People think I’m shaming them, but we’re not. It was originally started for just a neighborhood watch”. What do you think? Has Marty taken things too far?