Philippine Priest Criticized For Riding A Hoverboard During Church Service


(PCM) A priest in the Philippine’s is being criticized after images and a video surfaced showing him riding a hoverboard and singing a song during his mass on Christmas Eve. He has been reprimanded by  the Philippine Roman Catholic Church officials who say what the priest did during mass was wrong  due to the fact that the mass is the church’s highest form of worship and “demands the utmost respect and reverence”.

Their statement goes on to say “It is not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people”.   Rev. Albert San Jose has issued an apology for his actions during the church service, however did not released a full statement.

The video shows Rev. Albert San Jose riding up and down the church aisles on the hoverboard while pivoting and moving backwards. Many of the church parishioners can be heard applauding for Rev. San Jose in the video, however it was definitely offensive to some. The Reverend’s hoverboard routine took place just before the final blessing in the Mass at the church in Binan city in Laguna province.