Princess Wand Turns Out To Be An Evil Stick


(PCM) There is yet another title we couldn’t even begin to make up if we tried! When an Ohio mother named Nicole Allen, purchased what she believed to be a princess wand toy for her daughter at a local dollar store in Dayton, OH, she never imagined the toy would actually reveal an image of a possessed-looking demon child slashing her wrists called an Evil Stick.

The demonic looking wrist cutting picture was covered up by a piece of foil on the toy, however Allen was shocked when the piece of foil came off and revealed the terrifying image.

We are assuming it was so sort of cheaply crafted toy made for Halloween, because it also featured flashing lights and an “evil cackling laugh” sound effect. The woman claims the item was stocked directly between Barbie dolls and baby toys and did not find it suitable for young children in the least.

The owner of the shop claims that Allen should have realized what she was purchasing as despite having an image of a princess on the packaging, it was literally called an “Evil Stick”. ┬áHe did add however that if he received any additional complaints about the toy he would consider removing it from the store.