Ridiculous Tiger Statue Was Meme’d So Badly It Had To Be Destroyed!

(PCM) A ridiculously hideous tiger statue was stationed as the unofficial mascot outside of an Indonesian Army outpost for a good number of years before the internet got a hold of its’ image and the statue was literally meme’d to death.

It is unclear who originally designed the statue whose body resembles that of a tiger, but with an absurdly large head. It actually more closely resembled a cartoon version of a tiger rather than an actual tiger itself. As the memes about the tiger statue began to gain steam, the Indonesian army did not wish to endure any more ridicule because of it, so they took up their chisels and destroyed the tiger statue once and for all.

An Indonesian military official commented on the situation saying, “Every unit has their own decision on how the statue was made, but sometimes the artist was not that good.” We can certainly agree with that, but now we are just wondering if anyone bothered to keep the head! If anyone says that the internet doesn’t hold any power, just look at the fate of this poor tiger statue! May it forever rest in peace (and perhaps get some much needed plastic surgery)!