Russian Dentist Office Installs Horrifying Sculpture Using Real Human Teeth

(PCM) The Good Dental Clinic,  a Russian dental office located near St. Petersburg, made a not so “good” decision to install a terrifying sculpture created by a local artist that incorporates the use of real human teeth. It is has been absolutely horrifying for the patients to look at when they arrive for a variety of different (and mostly unpleasant procedures), because is going to the dentist ever really a good time? We don’t think so!

As if going in for dental procedures was not scary enough, patients now have to sit and look at this awful sculpture that has been placed prominently in the clinics reception area. Talk about raising your anxiety level! Just looking at this thing makes us want to run and scream, so we couldn’t even imagine having to look at it right before going in to get your teeth examined.

The sculpture was created by a local artist by the name of Mariana Shumkova and she admits to incorporating real human teeth that were extracted from patients for use in the sculpture. There are several different mouths placed around the sculpture, in what we assume is supposed to look like eyes, but it really has no prominently feature eyes or nose, but oddly enough it does have ears!

If the goal of this sculpture installation was to urge people to avoid the dentist then job well done, but if they were going for anything else, we would have to say this is one heck of an epic fail!