School Teacher Captures A Once In A Lifetime Photograph


(PCM) An elementary school art teacher from New Jersey named Amanda Brewer has captured one of the most truly amazing photographs of a great white shark and the image is now going viral across many social media platforms.

Brewer says that the image was captured using a GoPro camera that she has only purchased a few days before her trip. She was in South Africa as a volunteer for the eco-tourism and research group White Shark Africa.

Brewer in no way claims to be a professional photographer and considers the image of the great white shark to be a once in a lifetime coincidence. Brewer happened to be in the shark cage just as the giant great white shark lunged out of the water and her GoPro camera was able to fire off 30 or so quick snaps of the encounter.

Brewer was amazed when she saw what the camera had captured after the photos were uploaded to her iPad back at the White Shark Africa offices. While most people who have viewed the image are as amazed as Brewer, others are criticizing the boats use bait so close to the cage as it could pose a danger risk to those inside. Either way it is a truly amazing image and Brewer claims she had a fish eye lens on the GoPro so the objects photographed appeared to be a bit closer than they actually were!