Science Has Found A Way To Create Virtual Beverages

(PCM) Technological advances are truly an amazing thing. Researchers from the National University in Singapore have now created a way to potentially send food and beverages virtually to people in different locations. While the researchers still have a ways to go before they can begin sending food items through cyberspace, they do believe they are mastering the technique of sending virtual beverages and cocktails and they have begun with a glass of lemonade.

According to, First, a sensor is placed into the real lemonade, which uses an analog pH sensor to measure the acidity (or sourness) of the drink, and an RGB sensor to capture its color. That data is then sent via Bluetooth to the “Lemonade Simulator” – a high-tech tumbler with an LED in the bottom and electrodes around the rim. The LED lights up the liquid in the same RGB color as the real drink, and the electrodes send controlled electrical pulses to the tongue to mimic sourness.

The researchers felt that lemonade was a great starting off point, as it has a very distinct flavor profile and a unique taste so it would be the perfect choice to send through cyberspace. The researchers have made a video documenting the entire process, you can check it out below:

We just have to wonder about the overall taste and safety of consuming beverages (and eventually food) that has been sent via cyberspace, but it looks like we can fool our taste buds into believing something is tasty or not via the electrodes. Maybe they can suddenly my distaste for mushrooms turn into a delicious chocolate flavor? What kind of flavor combinations would you come up with?

Just wait till they find a way to send liquor virtually? How in the world would they figure out a way to regulate that?