Scientists Believe They Have Discovered The First Fossilized Dinosaur Brain


(PCM) What initially resembled a pebble or a small lump of clay has actually turned out to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in dinosaur research in the last few years. The small artifact, which was located by scientists near a bog in the area of Sussex, England back in 2004 has turned out to be the very first fossilized piece of dinosaur brain ever discovered!

After several years of research and study, the scientists have revealed that the artifact is indeed fossilized brain tissue and most likely belonged to a large herbivore species of dinosaur closely related to the Iguanodon. The research also showed that the piece of fossilized brain shows many similarities to modern day brains of both birds and crocodiles.

The theory has always been that the dinosaur species evolved into various species of both birds and reptiles so in a sense it is not a surprise that the brain matter would be incredibly similar between the two. The fossilized piece of dinosaur brain is said to be the world’s first, as it is incredibly rare to find due to the fact that brain and other tissues are often the first to decay after death. The surroundings and environment had to be just right when the creature died to preserve such a rare specimen.