Scientists Have Discovered A Faceless Fish And It Is Nightmarish!

(PCM) Researchers from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Museum Victoria were recently out on an expedition and during their studies they came across a very rare find. While out on the sea they discovered a very odd species of fish that resembles something that might come out of our own nightmares, or perhaps a horror film of some sort, as this particular species of fish literally has no face!

The researchers were unable to located any sort of eyes, nose, or mouth on the creature. The mysterious fish came up from a depth of about 4,000 metres off the Newcastle region of New South Wales and pretty much left the entire crew baffled. They photographed and took tissue samples from the creature and then were shocked to learn that the fish had actually been identified before by researchers nearly 150 years ago. The fish is known as a “Typhlonus nasus,” more commonly known as a “cusk eel” or “faceless cusk.”

While it is good to know that this horrifying looking creature is relatively harmless, we certainly hope to never have to encounter one, however they can pop up anywhere such as the Arabian Sea, parts of Indonesia, Japan and even Hawaii. We are sure as more and more research is done in the depths of the sea, researchers will continue to find and identify more creatures and fish species that we never knew exist.

Can we just hope the next ones are a little more appealing to look at?