Sex Toys Swing From The Power Lines In Portland!


(PCM) Everyone is used to seeing pairs of shoes tossed over top of power lines, but sex toys … that is an entirely new scenario!  Social media in Portland, Oregon has been exploding in the last few weeks with residents posting images of various sex toys dangling from the powers lines throughout the city. The best part is that they have yet to figure out exactly who is responsible. 

According to the various social media posts the number of swinging sex toys varies from dozens to as many as hundreds and they have been spotted North, Northeast and Southeast Portland. They appear to be placed a random.  The biggest complaint has been from people who have to explain to their children exactly what that oblong object dangling from the power line is actually is used for! 

Many residents find the situation to be humorous, while others are quite embarrassed by the situation. The Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvment is currently investigating the issue, but have thus far come up empty-handed as to who is behind the situation.

 A spokesman for public utility Portland General Electric said he did not believe the rubber products posed a fire hazard, so there is not any type of serious safety concern at this time!