Snake Handling Preacher Dies After Snake Bite

Jamie-Coots1(PCM) Reality-tv star and Kentucky preacher Jamie Coots has died after being bitten by a venomous snake. Many of Coots’ sermons involving the handling of deadly snakes and it is said that after he was bitten he refused medical treatment for the bite, as he was relying on God’s protection to save him from the poisonous venom.

Coots was bitten on his right hand by a rattlesnake and even though emergency personnel were called to the scene, Coots had already gone home before they reached the church. The medical personnel did go to Coots’ home as well, however they were unable to persuade him to seek any medical treatment for the bite.

When the medical personnel returned to Coots’ home about an hour after their initial attempt to give him medical aid they found the 42-year old preacher dead.

The preacher’s son Cody, claims that the family is still in shock and dealing with the grief over the loss of their father, but are still keeping strength through their faith. In fact, they even brought the snakes back out during the next sermon and there are no plans to kill the snake that was responsible for his father’s death.

Jamie Coots appeared in a National Geographic television show titled ‘Snake Salvation’ about preachers, who defy the law and perform snake handling sermons. The dangerous practice, which is based on Bible passages referring to apostles’ immunity to snake bites, is illegal in most states.