Soldier Discovers A Terrifying Note On His Car Windshield Covering Every Major Conspiracy Theory!

(PCM) A soldier, who was on drill, made a terrifying discovery upon returning to his vehicle when he found a note tucked under his windshield wiper that referenced just about every conspiracy theory and included a folded one dollar bill.

The solider shared the quite lengthy note on Reddit,as it certainly made him a bit nervous. The note referenced major fears of the new world order claiming that President Obama and Pope Francis are “the end” and of course, no conspiracy rant would be complete without a mention of the mysterious Illuminati, hence the inclusion of the dollar bill. The note writer claims that many including Hollywood, NASA and more follow the “pyramid and the owl”.

The note goes on to claim that the earth may indeed be flat and surprising claims that aliens in fact do not exist!  You can check out the full note, in all it’s glory below:


Has anyone else received a letter like this one?  What would you do if you did?