Spooky Charlie Charlie Challenge Takes Social Media By Storm


(PCM) The latest internet craze has teens attempting to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie by partaking the “Charlie, Charlie Challenge” using two pencils and some notebook paper. Using the hash tag #CharlieCharlieChallenge, teens are posting videos of their attempt at the game all over social media. 

To attempt to summon the demon, you place two pencils in the form of a cross on a sheet of paper, with 
“yes” and “no” written in four boxes. Then after asking “Charlie” a question, you await his response in the form of the pencil moving to either the “yes” or the “no” box on the paper. It is kind of like a simplified taken on the famous Ouija Board. 

According to many sources the game actually has absolutely nothing to do with Mexican folklore, as experts say that most Mexican “so-called” demons are American inventions. Either way, teens and superstitious types are getting incredibly freaked out by the game. 


Obviously, once the questions “Charlie, Charlie are you there?” and “Charlie, Charlie, do you want to play?” are asked, the pencil is surely going to move just based on the way that it is balanced, but that thought is not enough to keep teens from running screaming from the room. Part of this urban legend also says that if you stop playing before Charlie is ready than it can lead to hauntings and other other unpleasant happenings.  

The simplified #CharlieCharlieChallenge also appeared to be a take on the Mexican game “Six Pencils” which may be where the folklore aspect got a bit warped.