State Comes Up With A Brilliant Way To Thwart Theft Of “420” Mile Marker Signs


(PCM) It has become a popular trend among stoners to swipe any “420” mile markers found on their local area highways. These mile marker signs are looked at as a trophy of sorts with marijuana enthusiasts. Most of the time once it has been discovered that the mile marker is missing the state would immediately bring in a replacement, only for the same process to happen over and over again.

However, in the state of Idaho those days of replacing endless “420” mile marker signs are over! ¬†They have come up with a brilliant and unique new way to thwart these signs from being stolen in the first place, by not having a “420” sign at all. Instead, in Idaho they are replacing the “420” mile marker sign with one that read “419.9”!

Idaho follows in the footsteps of other states such as Colorado and Washington, who have both taken similar measures with great success in thwarting the theft of their “420” mile marker signs. Not every state has an issue with signs being stolen, mostly because not all states have highways that reach the 420 mile point, however both Colorado and Washington have somewhat relaxed marijuana laws they have seen more thefts of the signs.