Stop Everything And See A Bobcat Snatch Up A Shark


(PCM) We are going to chalk this one up to things you don’t see everyday! Photographer John Bailey was strolling along the beach in Vero Beach, Florida when he noticed a bobcat staring off into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

It seems that the bobcat was staring down it’s prey, which so happened to be a shark that was in the shallows feeding on smaller fish. It is certainly a rare sight to see a bobcat out in the open on the beach, as they are usually very elusive creatures and to see it pluck a shark out of the water is even more rare.

Because of the rarity of such a situation, you can imagine that social media was on fire after Bailey posted the image he was able to snap of the scene. Many people believed that the photo was fake and manipulated in photoshop, however the Florida Wildlife Commission has weighed in and say that they believe the photo to be valid.

Bailey revealed to the agency that he feels that he may have gotten to close when he snapped the photo because the bobcat, sensing his presence, abruptly dropped its’ snack and bolted for the forest nearby.