Stop The Press! Someone Is Stealing The Queen’s Nuts

Royal-nuts1(PCM) This is just a bizarre story we just could not help but share! It seems that some of the guards around the Queen’s palace are helping themselves to the royal nut bowls and the Queen is none to happy about it!

The Queen has several bowls filled with mixed nuts set up around the palace for herself and the palace guests to snack on and that means hands off for anyone else. Rumor has it that the Queen was so outraged about the nut thieves that she even resorted to marking the levels on the bowls to assist with keeping track of the amount in each bowl. There was also a memo sent around the all palace staff expressing the Queens anger and urging the staff to “keep their sticky fingers” out of the nuts.

Just in case your were curious about what kind of nuts are so irresistible, it is a mixture of both cashews and almonds.

The news about the Queen’s ridiculous concern is just a part of what is being revealed during the on-going alleged phone-hacking trial again The News of The World. Sources reveal, as you would imagine, when the nut stealing incident was brought up in court it was met by more than a few smirks and snickers.

We certainly chalk it up as bizarre and say “Nuts To You…Queen Elizabeth!”

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