Strange Creature Washes Up On Shore In Mexico


(PCM) So what do we do when an extremely large 13-foot unidentifiable creature of some sort washes up on the shore in Mexico? Well, poke it with a stick of course, however that tactic has proven useless and experts are still baffled by what this creature is exactly.

The mysterious blob washed up on the shore of Bonfil Beach in Acapulco, Mexico and thus far it can only be determined that it is indeed an animal carcass, however it has no bones and is giving off no foul odor of decay. This leads experts to believe that the creature may have just died or maybe it’s an alien … hmm … there’s some food for thought!

Either way the mysterious creature is drumming up a lot of curiosity and experts hope to reveal some answers shortly. It looks like a giant squid to us, just saying! What do you think?