Student Named Dean Who Ordered Fake ID’s Online Had Them Delivered To University Dean


(PCM) Can we say opps! A case of mistaken identity has landed four 18-year old college students from Pennsylvania in some pretty hot water!  They are now facing possible criminal charges, as well as, disciplinary action from the school after they ordered a set of fake ID’s from China and they were mistakenly delivered to the dean of their university.

It seems that when the mail delivery person saw the name Dean on the package he went ahead and delivered them to the actual dean of the university.  When the unidentified dean of the university opened the package he discovered a small lime green picture frame and upon further examination found that taped to the back of the frame were four fraudulent fake-ID’s for the four 18-year old college students.

The university dean contacted the local authorities, who claim that the fake ID’s were made to look very much like official documents from Maryland and Connecticut. They feel the students were mainly trying to us the fake ID’s to get into local bars in the area.