Subway Commuter Breaks Down in Tears As Her Cell Phone Dies

Dead Cell Phone(PCM) No one likes having their cell phone die on them, especially when a charger or power outlet is unreachable, but few people react like a commuter in China did recently when her phone died while riding the subway.

A minute-and-twenty-second long video of the incident obtained by the UK’s Mirror shows the moment the woman’s phone dies and her ensuing ear-splitting wails.

It’s clear that the distressed passenger can not handle this blow as she erupts in a tantrum worthy of a toddler in the middle of the subway car, visibly disturbing nearby passengers. 

Stomping her feet and open-mouthed sobbing, the cell phone-less passenger only stops after kicking off her one of her sandals, forcing her to retrieve it, before returning to her very public lamentations. 

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a horrible day or to have that one thing you thought you could rely on just up and quit on you, so it’s not hard to sympathize with this passenger, but her meltdown is so major, it makes you wonder what was going down on her phone that it dying put her in such state?

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