Why The Sudden Fascination With Adolf Hitler’s Sex Life?


(PCM) For some reason the internet has been buzzing lately with stories about German dictator Adolf Hitler’s alleged “micropenis” and whether or not he did indeed have some sort of genital deformity. So far there has been no concrete proof as articles features in Time, GQ, and The Telegraph all interlink to each other with speculation based upon supposed medical records that indicate that Hitler suffered from some sort of genital abnormality.

The medical records stated that Hitler was “healthy and strong” but suffered from “right-side cryptorchidism” which is layman’s terms means he suffered from a stunted testicle. The condition can sometimes be linked to the “micropenis” affliction, which is what appears to be fueling this rumor. However it is truly not a far stretch to want to imagine that someone as heinous as Hitler actually did suffer from such a condition.

As if the rumor about the “micropenis” wasn’t enough, but now the big rumor circulating online is that Hitler had a fetish for being pooped on during sex. Forgive us for the gross imagery, however according to the Daily Star, Hilter was unable to have normal sex and not only enjoyed being pooed on, but enjoyed eating it as well!  The Daily Star claims to have discovered this information in a psychological assessment dossier from the US Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.

The dossier was originally published back in 1972, however now that Hitler’s sex life appears to be a trending social media topic there has been a renewed interest in the yuckier details! The dossier documents also went on to reveal that Hitler also enjoyed being kicked during sex and had a certain penchant for peasant girls. Even more reason why the mere mention of Hitler leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Gross!