Supernatural ‘Child Angel’ Dolls Are Taking Over Thailand


(PCM) Superstitious members of the population in Thailand are completely infatuated with special child-like dolls that are said to possess the spirit of an actual dead child and are considered incredibly lucky by their owners if cared for properly. The dolls are not associated with any particular religious or spiritual group and the myth surrounding them is something of a mystery.

The eerily life-like dolls have become so popular throughout the Thai culture that they are now being given their own seats on airplane and their own food portions at local restaurants. The owners of the dolls behave like real parents would dressing their dolls in expensive clothing, purchasing them toys and more. The believers feel that the more they give to and spoil the dolls, referred to as Luk Thep,  the better their overall luck.

While the dolls have existed in Thailand for several years now, they have recently risen to popularity in the last few months. The dolls were created three years by ‘Mama Ning’, a woman from west Bangkok, who said she calls on a Hindu goddess to create a new soul of Look Thep. They became popular when local celebrities started posting on social media about the impact the dolls have had on their lives.

According to, though many of the Luk Thep are imported, they reportedly go through a ritual in Thailand that involves implanting them with a child’s soul. (Yeah, that’s not at all creepy!) Prices for the dolls vary, but can start at 3,500 baht ($97) and can go up to as high as 13,000 baht ($362) for the limited edition dolls imported from the United States.

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