Swiss Company Creates The First Ever Chairless Chair


(PCM) Have you ever dreamed about wanting to sit down at any given time anywhere you happen to be? Well, a Swiss company may have created just the solution you have been looking for with the “chairless chair”.

The concept is actually fairly simplistic. The “chairless chair” is a device that is worn on your legs and whenever you are ready to sit down, you just push a button and the mechanism locks into place giving you a chance to get off your feet.

The “chairless chair” was created by 29 year old Keith Gunura, who is the co-founder and CEO of noone. He claims that he came up with the idea for the “chairless chair” when he was about 17 years old and working in a UK packaging plant and wanting to find a way to get off his feet for a bit.

The device is lightweight and energy efficient and is best described as wearable mechatronic technology. The “chairless chair” comes in two versions, the primary version never touches the ground and the other version works with a users footwear and only touches the ground when in the stationary position.

While the item is not recommended for long-term sitting, it can certainly serve its’ purpose for giving users a small sitting break. It is currently being tested at BMW and Audi in Germany.