Taco With A Side Of Meth? Active Meth Lab Discovered In Iowa Taco Bell Restaurant


(PCM) Guess this proves that you truly never know what could be going on behind the closed doors of your favorite fast food franchise. Two men were arrested in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after authorities discovered they were operating a fully functioning meth lab out a Taco Bell restaurant in the area.  

Area authorities were called to the scene after receiving numerous reports about suspicious people loitering about in the area. The store manager allowed the authorities to search the fast food restaurant and they then discovered a bunch of ingredients such as Coleman fuel, lye and drain cleaner which are used to make crystal meth. The authorities then arrested two men, one who worked at the restaurant, and charged them with conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth. 

The store employee also faces additional chemical possession charges as he was discovered with a peeled lithium ion battery at this feet when he was arrested. He revealed to the authorities that he created the meth lab in the Taco Bell restaurant so that he could “stay high all the time”. 

The Taco Bell restaurant is currently closed while authorities complete their investigation and an environmental team is on the way for decontamination.