The Tale Of The Klutzy Dinosaur

clumsy-dino(PCM) Scientists in Oklahoma have unveiled a series dinosaur tracks that reveal a quite humorous event. It seems that a two-legged dinosaur species, a theropod to be exact, was walking along a mudflat in the region and appears to have slipped and fell.

Theropods were a group that included such recognizable meat-eating dinosaurs such as the T. rex and Deinonychus to name a few. These tracks in particular show that one has a ridge of mud pushed out and up along it’s side, while another is suggestively much deeper than than the others around it thus proving to scientists that the theropod must have slipped and caught itself before continuing onward on its’ quest.

Not really sure why this strikes me as funny, but what a sight to witness a dinosaur having a banana peel moment nearly 150 million years ago.Definitely not something you hear reported everyday.

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