Texas Man Has His Custom License Plate Revoked Over A Dirty Word


(PCM) Honestly, when looking at license plate “370H55V” it even took us a few minutes to figure out exactly what was so offensive about it, so it is no surprise that it took the Texas DMV about three years to figure it out.

A man from Houston has recently had his custom “370H55v” license plate revoked after the Texas DMV figured out that it spells out a naughty word when flipped upside down.  The man has been driving around with the plate on his car for three years and claims that truly people have no idea what it means.

When looking at the license plate right side up, it appears to contain on a jumble of letters and numbers, however when you look at it upside down it spells out “a**hole”.  DMV deemed the plate offensive and sent the owner a letter claiming it will be canceled in 30 days.