Texas Teacher Delivers “Ghetto Classroom Awards”


(PCM) Stirring up quite a bit of controversy, a teacher at Sulphur Springs Middle School in Texas created the “Ghetto Classroom Awards”, which have apparently been going on for the past eight years without anyone’s knowledge or consent. 

The questionable “awards” only came into light after the school received complaints from a family whose 14-year old child was awarded “The huh? Award” and brought home his paper certificate. The boys class of students in the school is described as have some level of learning challenges and the boys family claims it is like the school is putting them in some sort of “place”. 

The Sulphur Springs school district claims that “Ghetto Classroom Awards” was something that this particular teacher did for six years in another school district and somehow it went completely unnoticed. When the teacher started the awards, they had previously worked as a Special Education instructor. 

The school district claims they are not proud of the “Ghetto Classroom Awards” and it is nothing that they wish to be a part of and they feel it is unacceptable. The district plans on fully addressing the situation this week.