Texas Woman Flies Through A Tornado In Her Bathtub And Lands Unharmed!

(PCM) A 75-year old Texas woman by the name of Charlesetta Williams has an incredible tale of survival. A strong tornado blew the roof off of her home and lifted up the bathtub she was taking shelter in, spinning it around and then depositing it in the woods. Miraculously, Williams was unharmed during the ordeal.

Williams claims she was watching TV with her son in the home when the tornado quickly approached their home. The pair made a run for the bathroom and took shelter in the bathtub, hiding under a blanket. This was a wise idea, as the storm lifted the tub clear out of the home with the woman still inside. The tub then landed in the woods near Williams’ home with her still tucked safely inside. She is incredibly lucky that the tub did not flip over or break apart.

No word on whether or not her son was still inside the tub with her as well. Williams claims that she has very little recollection of the ordeal, as she was still hiding under the blanket, however she did tell the local news that she would much rather not take a ride through another tornado anytime soon!  She said she remembers being in the tub one moment and then out in the yard the next! We can only imagine what going through that must have been like, definitely a terrifying situation.

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