The Curious Case Of Edgar Latulip And How He Solved His Own Cold Case


(PCM) Twenty-one year old Edgar Latulip was living in a Canadian group home when he disappeared in 1986, leaving family and friends baffled by his mysterious disappearance. He was described by his family members as being “developmentally challenged” and had recently made a suicide attempt. Latulip got on a bus near the area of Niagara Falls and was never heard from again, at least until now!

It appears that Edgar Latulip has solved his own cold case when he has just now remembered his own identity. He ended up only living about eighty miles from the area in which he disappeared under a different name with absolutely no recollection of his previous life.  There have not been a lot of details about the life that Latulip was living for the past thirty years, however investigators have been able to piece together a little bit of the puzzle.

After confirming Latulip’s identity with DNA testing, investigators believe that after he left the group home, he went off his medications, fell and hit his head causing him to have no memory of his previous life or identity. He ended up creating a new life and identity living on his own in the city of St. Catherines in Ontario, Canada. Latulip claims that he began having very strange dreams and flashbacks and finally contacted the authorities when he was finally able to recollect the memory of what his name used to be.

Local area investigators are attempting to help Latulip contact any surviving family members, including his mother, who had never given up hope that he would be found, however worried that he was in a dangerous situation due to his developmental disabilities. Latulip is slowing attempting to integrate his new life with his old one after thirty years which can be a bit of a challenge. It is incredibly rare for a cold case to receive a solution after so many years have gone by, especially one that has been solved by the very same person who is involved!

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