The World’s Most Priceless Gemstone Has Been Unearthed!


(PCM) Many would be under the impression that some rare and large diamond would be the world’s most expensive gemstone, however wait to you get a load of the “Virgin Rainbow” a gemstone that was recently unearthed in South Australia. 

The “Virgin Rainbow” has now earned the title of world’s most expensive gemstone, as it is an extremely rare opal that is worth over $1 million. It will make its’ very first public appearance at the South Australian Museum this September. 

It is unclear just why the gemstone has been named “Virgin Rainbow”, but one could guess that because of all the various colors swirled together it does create a rainbow-like effect.  The stone actually consists of dinosaur fossils that have opalized over millions of years. 

Opal is created when water and silica mix together to form a gel that flows into rocks and fossils. When the gel hardens you get the mythical looking stone that has just been unearthed.