This Valentine’s Day, Name A Cockroach After Your Ex Or Maybe Even Your Sweetheart (If You’re Into That)!


(PCM) Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and who needs candy and flowers when you can give the gift of a lifetime by naming a cockroach after the person of your choice. Or better yet, perhaps there is that special someone who has done you wrong over the years, wouldn’t having their name attached to a cockroach act as sweet, sweet revenge?

This year the Bronx Zoo is offering up the opportunity to name one of their thousands of Madagascar hissing cockroaches after anyone you choose.  For $10, they will send your loved one (or not so loved one) a digital certificate to cherish for years to come, featuring the name of your Valentine’s roach.

You can even up the romance by adding chocolate if you choose. For $25, you’ll receive a printed roach certificate and a sweet chocolate treat, made with love by the Nunu Chocolate company in Brooklyn, NY. Your donation for the Valentine’s Day cockroach promotion with go to the zoo’s program to help the cockroaches, along with a lot of other animals, both big and small.