Truck Carrying 2,000 Piglets Overturns In Ohio


(PCM) Hundreds of piglets escaped and were on the loose near Xenia, Ohio after a semi-trailer that was hauling an estimated 2,000 piglets overturned. Tragically, about 300-400 piglets were killed in the crash. 

With the help of local farmers in the area donating their livestock trailers, authorities were able to capture many of the piglets who went on the run. The crash was caused by the driver of the semitrailer taking a curve a high rate of speed causing the semi to overturn and roll. The driver was not injured in the crash, but a passenger was taken to a local area hospital with some injuries. 

The surviving piglets were transported to the Greene County Fairground where they were looked over, given water and then packed up and sent back on their way to Indiana, where unfortunately they already have a death sentence waiting for them, as they will all be raised and then slaughtered. 

Despite their best efforts, the authorities and farmers were not able to capture all of the escaped piglets, as many took off deep into the woods surrounding the crash site.  The authorities claim that they may never be able to recover all of the escaped piglets, but will put forth their best efforts.