Trucker Meets The Love Of His Life After Texting A Number Found In A Bathroom Stall


(PCM) Who would have ever suspected that after texting a random number found scrawled on the wall of a bathroom stall you could possibly meet the love of your life. That is precisely what happened to Mark Ellis and his now wife Donna Roberts. Out of curiosity Ellis texted her number, which her ex-boyfriend had spitefully etched onto the wall of a gas station bathroom, and the rest is blissful history.

Roberts’ number was scrawled into the wall with the following message: “If you want a good shag, call Donna on …”. A boredom and curious Ellis decided to see what would happen and sent Roberts the following text saying “Hi, what are you up to?”. ┬áRoberts, who was very confused, responded to the text with “Who is this?” and then the pair began chatting. They met up in-person a few days later and ended up falling in love.

The couple are now married and have two children. Ellis said he was initially curious if the number belonged to a real human being or not and claims that he and his wife still laugh about the situation to this day. Roberts did eventually change her phone number to be sure that she did not receive any more calls from random strangers.┬áThe two live in Brighouse, West Yorks, England and despite it being quite a unique story, the couple are not ready to explain to their children ages 8 and 9 just how mom and dad met. They simply say “He texted me by mistake”.

This one is certainly a unique love story, as we are fairly certain that most love affairs that begin with a number in a gas station bathroom might feature a happy ending, but not necessarily a happy ever after.