Twenty Two Years Ago Today The World’s First Email Image Attachment Was Sent

(PCM) Ever wonder what the first photo sent as an email image attachment was? Well, we have your answer!

A man by the name of Nathaniel Borenstein and his colleague,a researcher named Ned Freed wrote MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) that paved the way for all email attachments moving forward into the future. Borenstein’s idea for the use of attachments was his hope that he would one day be able to receive photos of his grandchildren via email.

Twenty-two years ago today, MIME was put to the test and the very first image was sent out as an email attachment! That image was a photograph of Borenstein’s barbershop quartet, hilarious named “The Telephone Chords”!  (see below)


To this day MIME is still used for all email attachments and has of course spread out to host content from all over the web. MIME was developed three years after the web was conceived and today we also wish the world wide web a very happy twenty-fifth birthday!