Two Upstanding Young Citizens Brilliantly Decide To Set Off Fireworks In A Walmart! Yes, They Are Going To Jail!


(PCM) Two young men who reside in the area of Phoenix, Arizona came up with the brilliant plan to set off every firework in their local area Walmart store. We are guessing they were bored, however they are going to have to deal with a whole lot more boredom, as they are being charged with a class 2 felony, which is just below murder and will be most likely spending the next several years behind bars.

The actions of this pair put a huge scare on Walmart customers at the time of the incident as everyone who was shopping in the store began to run for their lives. While there were no actual mortars or large fireworks set off, as it is only legal in the state of Arizona to sell poppers, sparklers and smoke snakes, it was still enough to cause significant damage to the store and could have potentially caused a much bigger fire if things had gotten any further out of control.

The duo could be facing up to 20 years behind bars and countless fines. Another customer filmed the incident, although we are not exactly sure why he was casually filming the video below rather than fleeing to safety. The duo responsible for setting off the fireworks were also captured on store surveillance cameras in the act and looking back to admire their job.