Village Of Whitesboro Votes To Keep Their Offensive(?) Town Seal


(PCM) Back in June an image of the town seal for the village of Whitesboro, New York was posted on Reddit and was met with immediate backlash and controversy. The seal which very much appears to show a white man choking a Native American was voted for 157 to 55 and this means it’s here to stay.

The founder of the village, Henry White claims that the seal does not feature any type of violence or choking taking place between the white man and the Native American, but rather the two are engaged in a “friendly wrestling match” … (yeah, we are not seeing that either!)

He goes on to say that those “wrestling matches” helped foster good relations between White and Native Americans. ┬áThe mayor of the village Patrick O’Conner also tends to agree that it does appear that there is a bit of strangulation going on, however he also feels that historical facts need to be taken into consideration before the seal could be permanently removed. He also says that he is not offended by it in the least.

After the Reddit posting a petition was crafted to urge the village to change the seal, however after last night’s vote it is not going anywhere anytime soon.