Virginia Mother Believes Her 4-Year Old Son Is Possessed By The Spirit Of A War Solider


(PCM) A mother in Virginia Beach, Virginia is thoroughly convinced that her four year old son is currently possessed by the spirit of a U.S. Marine who was killed in battle in 1983.

The mother, Michele Lucas, says that her son Andrew began to behave very strangely and was suddenly able to talk about things that no child his age would have any logical way of knowing about such as previous addresses and elements of battle during the war.

Andrew claimed that he used to reside at 860 Main Street in Sumter, GA and even went as far as to speak about his own death. Michele says that Andrew would begin crying hysterically and ask her why she allowed him to die in that fire.

Michele made an attempt to research some of Andrew’s claims, however was not able to find any solid information. She sought out the assistance of the TV show “A Ghost Inside My Child” who were able to link up Andrew’s story with the tragic passing of U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis.

Sgt. Lewis had passed away in 1983 during a bomb blast in Lebanon which claimed some 300 lives. Photos of Sgt. Lewis and other Marines killed during the blast were featured on the show. Michele made the decision to take Andrew to visit Sgt. Lewis’ grave in Georgia.

Andrew placed flowers on Sgt. Lewis’ grave, but then suddenly took off and ran over to the grave of another Marine and said “That’s my friend”. Definitely more than a little creepy and without a doubt an odd coincidence.

The family is now considering enlisting the help of a psychic to gain additional insight into Andrew’s strange behavior and hopefully receive some answers.