Virginia Residents Try To Unravel The Partially Shaven Cat Mystery

(PCM) Residents in the area of Waynesboro, Virginia are baffled by the mystery person who is allegedly abducting neighborhood cats and then returning them partially shaved. The odd behavior has prompted several calls to the local authorities and prompted residents to begin posting notices around the neighborhood.

The police department has confirmed that there has been at least three case where a resident’s pet cat has been abducted and then returned with their undersides shaved down. Other than the missing hair the cats appear to be unharmed. The shaving appears to have been done with some sort of razor tool.

We don’t even want to begin to imagine what kind of fetish the individual responsible for this might have, could they be making a cat fur suit, maybe they just have a cat fur fetish, perhaps looking from grooming practice? Either¬†way it is highly disturbing and residents are on edge.

Many feel that their cat, who were once friendly have no become skittish and traumatized. One resident claims that now her cat will not even allow itself to be held anymore. Police continue to investigate the incidents, but thus far have come up empty-handed, however the cat abductions continue to grow.

Signs now hang in the neighborhood warning residents which read, “Shaving cats??!!¬†Several neighborhood cats have been abducted and had their lower abdomens and groin areas shaved. This is very upsetting to the cats and their owners. If you have information about this suspicious activity please contact the police department at 540-942-6675. Our cats will thank you!”

Such an odd situation!