Watch This Driver Road Rage His Way Straight Through A Tornado


(PCM) South Florida driver Anthony Ciarrochi is making headlines after a video has surfaced showing him idiotically driving straight through a massive tornado while cussing and carrying on about how slow the other drivers on the road are travelling. Too busy with his road raging he somehow missed the gigantic cyclone that literally formed right next to his passenger side window.

In the video you can see the massive amounts of rain and a ton of debris being tossed around the road way, but Ciarrochi pays it no mind and continues on his journey, even mistakenly calling the tornado a hurricane at one point. Ciarrochi is actually fairly lucky, as you should truly, under no circumstances drive directly into the path of a tornado or any other natural weather disaster.

What makes the video hilarious is just how oblivious Ciarrochi is to the circumstances surrounding him. We would seriously hate to go on any type of road trip with this guy! The video of Ciarrochi’s ordeal can be found below, but please be aware that it does contain quite a bit of profanity and may not be suitable for work.