Water Supply In A Colorado Town Could Be Laced With THC


(PCM) Residents in the tiny town of Hugo, Colorado are being warned that their water supply could possibly be laced with THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana. The town has population of only 720 people and we are guessing that many of them are feeling pretty darn good right about now!

Authorities claim that after conducting a field test on the town’s water supply they discovered “presumptive positive results” for THC in the water supply for the town.  The Colorado Bureau Of Investigation and the FBI are not looking into the situation in attempt to discover just how the water supply was tampered with and became contaminated. They claim that one of the five main wells that supply water to the town shows some signs of tampering, but would not elaborate further.

The town residents have received calls for local authorities warning them to not drink the water (which of course they are adhering…not!) and the sheriff’s office in the town has also been posting warning via social media urging residents not to drink, cook or even shower in the THC laced water supply.

They have even resorted to handing out over 2,500 bottles of water to assist residents until the issue has been remedied. Marijuana is currently legal in the state of Colorado, however in certain towns, such a Hugo, local jurisdictions prevent it from being sold.  Many someone was angered about that rule, either way steer clear of the water supply in Hugo or bottle it up to save for enjoyment at a later date!